Cipher Banner Exchange, the more popular your website becomes, the more free traffic, advertising and exposures you'll get. Multiple Banner Exchanges are a good way to
make your website more popular.

Rules and Benefits

  1. Cipher Banner Exchange Ratio: 1:1 (Get your banner displayed 1 time, for every time 1 Banner is displayed on your site.

  2. Real Time Statistics

  3. There are no limitations on how many hits you can receive each day at Cipher Banner Exchange.

  4. Cipher Banner Exchange will not accept sites that contain the following: Porn, nudity, self mutilation, BD&SM, smut, disregard for animal/human life, or any activity deemed illegal by law in the United States.

  5. Your banner must meet our size specifications (468 x 60), other banner sizes will work however they will not be fully visible.

  6. For best exposure, the code is most beneficial if placed on an index page or other high traffic location of your website. The more views on the pages with the exchange code, the more exposure your banner receives on other sites in the rotation. The more pages that it is placed on, the more exposures it will receive.

  7. Code must be visible at all times with the link back to the exchange directly under the banner. Failure to keep the code in tact will warrant revocation of your banner rotation.

  8. All members must be approved so please have patience. Here at the Cipher Banner Exchange you will most likely be approved within 24 hours.

  9. Click here to see the Perfect Cipher website that hosts this banner exchange, It will open in a separate window.

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